Redbox Ident

Red carpet meets magic carpet

A new Redbox mnemonic. Concept to finish.
An extension of a project initially intended for Redbox: Exclusives.
Created for Protokulture in Chicago.

Grantland: Talk Nerdy To Me

A paperback compilation published by ESPN and Grantland in conjunction with the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.


Concept and cover art for Grantland’s Guide to the Advanced Analytics Revolution.

We’re in the computational era of sports analysis, and the cover design reflects this in much the same tongue-in-cheek manner as the compilation’s title.

At TypeCon 2013, Jeff Kellem presented a typeface that recreated the font of the 1960’s-era IBM 1403 mainframe line printer. By far the most common association of the 1403 was the sprocket-holed, accordion-folded green-bar printer paper it used. Contrasting the ‘cutting-edge’ analytics with a vintage technology was a playful way to present the material.

I doubt you could actually execute a linear regression on a mainframe printer.

2013 Motion Reel

Comprises work done pre-2014 at Optimus in Chicago

A small fraction of the client work created for Optimus in Chicago over the past few years.
Most projects consisted of design and development in addition to executing the animation.
That catchy track is “Pledge Drive” by the ’90′s Chicago post-rock band 5ive Style.
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